Ellaithy Auto Group is a top-tier car dealership in Egypt, with the motto “Fueling you with the
Perfect Car”. We are dedicated to steering every new car owner to their ideal vehicle match.
Through providing diverse options in economic prices, we are committed to allow our clients the
most comfortable car purchase.

With over 10 years of premium wide-range automotive services, ellaithy Auto Group is
consistently providing the highest standards of customer care. We offer broad options of car
brands, types and payment plans to suit the variety of ellaithy Auto Group clients.

Our client can have their pick of small, medium, large, SUV and LCV alternatives from a vast
scope of international brands. Not only that, the selections range from brand new to
conveniently used with lean, youthful, bold or classic designs for every taste.

We optimize our client’s car purchase journey from beginning to end by listening, connecting
and consulting. Our consultation services ensure diligent care to our clients each and every step
of the way. In addition, we present specialized undemanding payment plans that our client can
calculate on the spot. This guarantees a simple journey for the ellaithy Auto Group friend.

Moreover, for over 10 years ellaithy Auto Group has driven its clients to modern technology and
connected them with their favorite brands. For this reason, we have continued to be one of the
market’s most reliable and reputable car dealerships, consequently; giving us the capacity to
navigate towards empowering more of our clients and managing their every car challenge

Ellaithy Auto Group is a promising company in the automotive industry, founded in 2008. Since then, the company has gone through many stages in this field to become one of the leading companies in the automotive industry.

Thanks to the remarkable activity of the company during these years within the Egyptian markets, which the company imposed itself through the possession of the most important and famous international brands for all types of cars, «small, medium, four-wheel drive», which caused the company’s sales during this period, as well With the availability of all types of flexible sales service plans that meet all the needs of different customers, to become a group of Auto, among the leading companies in the automotive industry.

From 2015 to 2018, Laithi Auto Group, the complete brand in the sale of new and used cars, achieved the position of the company among the largest companies unique in the automotive sector in the Middle East.

Al-Laithi Group has surpassed the highest level of sales in 2018, thanks to the company’s management policy that provides all the necessary services to meet the needs of customers, from customer service to after-sales service.

Our vision is to become the leading automotive provider through collaborative partnerships with
the main car manufacturers and suppliers in MENA. We constantly aim to arm our clients with
the safest cars with the latest technologies by offering impressive brands with the most
convenient approach.

Our mission is to make every car purchase pleasant as well as easeful through our attentive
team and various options for brands, payments and more. By offering unique consultation
services, we strive to make genuine connections and give excellent customer care.


Ellaithy Auto Group has begun its journey in 2008 and since then we have upheld the values
and vision that steer us forward.

We started building the foundation of a paramount automotive provider in Egypt and we have
sustained that vision and translated it into remarkable achievements. Over 10 years later, we
are continuing to strengthen our entity with determination, innovation and a hunger for success.

With extraordinary care towards the satisfaction of our clients and the bonds we keep with our
partners, ellaithy Auto Group has proved to be a force in the market time and time again.

In the future, we look forward to thrusting ahead with the latest technology, the highest
standards of service and the strongest relationships with our community. We hope to positively
impact the automotive industry and the Egyptian economy and continue with our march towards

There is no doubt that the success of The Laithy Auto Group was not a coincidence, but it was the result of many efforts that played a big role in this success.

Our partners in this success, including banks, insurance companies, installment companies, and others, are perhaps the most important part of this success, which is also counted for them.

Over the past 10 years, El Laithy Auto Group has been able to establish successful relationships with its partners, which have been characterized by stability and continuity, which has been reflected in the development of the company’s business, expansion of its business and the provision of high-quality services.