El-laithy Auto Group established in 2008, and it is one of the largest car trading companies and has passed through many stages in this field to become one of the leading companies in the trade and sale of cars in Egypt, thanks to the remarkable activity of the company during these years within the Egyptian markets as it has the most famous International brands for all types of cars, as well as with the provision of flexible sales service that meets all needs of different customers, We have exceeded the highest level of sales in 2018, thanks to the company’s management policy that provides all the services necessary to meet the needs of customers, and also we provide excellent customer service to answer all questions and inquiries, in addition to the installments and facilities provided by El-laithy Auto Group for you.

To always become your partner in choosing your car, aim to provide all brands for you, and facilitate all the procedures for buying the new car.

We are here for you to provide many different offers and installment systems, and to always help you choose the best for you by providing consultations to you, we always strive to provide excellent customer service.

Our goal is to make buying the car an enjoyable practical experience as well as comfortable through our distinguished team that helps you and responds to all your inquiries, in addition to providing different payment systems and providing installment systems with the lowest banking benefits.

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